Hospice DME. Resolved.


DME Technology. Deployed.


DME Operations. Optimized.


DME Expenses. Reduced.


Hospice DME. Resolved.


DME Technology. Deployed.



Software Platform

Welcome to the future of DME technology! resolveDME™ is an all-comprehensive solution that provides end-to-end logistical support for managing DME inventory, employees, vehicles, and order workflow.

In continuous development since 2005, our platform is the most robust, time-tested, and widely utilized solution in our industry. The current 5th generation of the software deploys the latest technology tools and integrates with many popular hospice EMR systems.

Our major competitive advantage, and a feature exclusive to resolveDME™, is that clients are provided with their own, free-standing instance of the product. This means that your dedicated version can be tailor-made and fully customized to your specific needs and preferences. Say goodbye to clumsy workarounds and say hello to a software tool that truly works for you!

Real-time metrics through dashboards, charts, and in-depth reports
Web-based platform with native Android and iOS supporting applications
Enhanced messaging and notifications to keep everyone informed
Integrated GPS and onboard video monitoring
Advanced route planning and technician capacity calculations
Data warehouse architecture for decision support, analytics, and BI

Resolve Consulting Services

Managing in-house DME operations?

Insourcing DME operations is challenging and can be at times overwhelming. However, with the right tools and guidance from industry experts, the task is much easier, and the results are worth it. Being able to fully control your clinical protocols and quality of service is invaluable. Saving money while doing so, is priceless!

Still outsourcing DME to a contractor?

Are you tired of broken promises, service failures, and out-of-control expenses? If you have the right scale (500+ ADC), there is no reason to leave your patients at the mercy of a third party or to pay a premium price for sub-par service. Take back control and generate savings along the way!

Operations Management.

Streamlining day-to-day operations, resource allocation, inventory management, incident resolution and prevention.


Implementation and enforcement of policies and protocols. Compliance with laws, regulations, and licensure requirements. Audit readiness.


Capital budgeting. Equipment and supplies sourcing. Planning, distribution, and logistics. Preferred pricing from leading suppliers.

Human Resources.

Employee recruitment, engagement, training, and retention. Compensation and benefits administration.

Fleet Management.

Vehicle sourcing, upfit, and maintenance. Fuel cards, GPS monitoring, and onboard video devices.

About Resolve
  • Resolve provides consulting services and turn-key solutions to hospice agencies that operate, or wish to operate, their internal DME departments
  • Our proprietary, industry-leading technology platform delivers all the necessary tools for any agency to successfully manage the complex logistics of DME operations
  • If you are working with a third party and are considering bringing your DME in-house, we are here to help you overcome any hurdles along the way and provide continuing support after the transition
  • If you are already insourcing your DME, we can help you step up your game and maximize the efficiency
  • Ready to talk? Contact us today!

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